We have all heard it before. "He was so healthy. He walked every day, ate well, played with the grand kids. He fell one day while getting into the shower, hit his head and explained that he was dizzy. We took him into the doctor only to find that he had a tennis ball sized tumor on his brain. He was dead 6 weeks later."

This is a tragic story, that has occurred to many people. In fact, this is exactly what happened to my grandfather. He was in his 80's.

Are these people healthy? Are the lack of symptoms enough evidence to prove that these people are in fact, healthy? I am inclined to answer, no. Health comes from the inside out, and is dependent upon our bodies ability to regulate itself. When our bodies become sick, they are losing a battle with the stressors that continually bombard the body from many different directions. We need to eliminate these stressors, and give the body the proper fuel, so that when bombarded, we are able to deal with these stressors.

It is important that we realize that a lack of symptoms isn't necessarily a good thing.

Lets take the high blood pressure debate raging on in our country today. A patient goes in for a routine annual physical. They are diagnosed with "high blood pressure." This is a symptom. It is the bodies warning sign that it is not able to regulate the blood pressure correctly. What is causing this increase in blood pressure? The doctor prescribes a medication to lower the blood pressure. Months go by and the patient is seen for a follow up appointment. The blood pressure has stabilized and is deemed normal. The drug is working. But has the drug moved this patient any closer to health? The answer is no. They are not any more healthy than they were before. In fact, some would argue that they are farther from health, because they have yet to address why their body was not able to respond to the stressors and regulate without the use of the drugs. And now they are at risk from the prolonged use of high blood pressure medications, and the side effects that are associated with them. Their symptoms are gone, but they are not healthier.

We need to shift our thinking. The world today, is primarily driven by the allopathic premise that, health comes from the outside, from drugs and surgery. There is a chronic illness pandemic in America today. Should we continue to spend money on more drugs and surgery, or should we somehow shift the paradigm to lifestyle intervention?  Diagnosing chronic illnesses and treating them with drugs and surgery is not the the way to prolong healthy life and save money. The only way is by educating people on their lifestyle choices and how it will affect their overall health. Our bodies are healthy and resilient.  We need to create an environment and take responsibility for our health. Let our bodies express themselves as they were designed to do. We must understand how every choice we make affects our overall well being.



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