Over the course of the last several months, basically since my last blog post in May, I have thought a lot about health, weight management, nutrition, diet and lifestyle. To me, all of these things are related. We have all heard the phrase, "You are what you eat!" But why is it that for most people it goes in one ear and out the other? People are not willing to make a LIFESTYLE change when it comes to FOOD in order to make themselves more healthy.

Sure, some people will use the excuse, "I am just going to keep eating junk all the time, never exercise and I bet I live longer than you." That might happen. After all, there is no 100% guarantee that those that eat well live longer. We have heard about the man or woman that smoked 2 packs a day for 60 years, ate garbage regularly, never exercised that lived till they were 95 years old. And on the flip side, known someone or heard about someone that ate clean, fresh foods, exercised 3-5 times a week that died of a disease at age 34.

I use this argument because it is not JUST about the end goal of living longer. LIFE should be about the JOURNEY!!! There should be JOY in the JOURNEY. This joy is quality of life. The feeling of being active and full of energy 365 days a year. Being able to play with kids and grand kids. Being able to run and not be weary. Waking up in the morning and not wanting to go back to sleep because your body hasn't had enough time to catch up from the constant abuse that you are giving it. People that treat their body like a garbage can might live longer, chances are decreased, but they might. But guess what? The quality of life is going to be very small.

I am a firm believer that a great deal of health comes from what we eat. I think that it is vital to maintain a diet rich is REAL foods. Foods that you can grow and pick. In a perfect world, we would easily be able to obtain healthy, organic foods, rich in vitamins and minerals. But for some, based on location and schedules it is not always the easiest thing to do.

I have implemented a system in my office that teaches people what types of foods to eat and when. This system is coupled with an herbal cleanse, metabolic nutritional supplements, fish oils, probiotics and a vitamin and amino acid energy drink. It is 24 days of a lifestyle change, that kickstarts a cleaner eating regime, coupled with amazing supplements. The people that follow this plan have an increased quality of life. Their JOY in their journey is increased, as they start to take better care of their bodies.

Here is the link to the information on the system I have implemented.

Advocare 24 day challenge

Let us all GET healthy by moving well, and eating well.



04/22/2012 07:08

A journey makes our life colorful & cheerful...........Also refresh our mind and soul...

05/24/2012 04:46

that gives a new and powerful energy....

06/01/2012 01:10

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07/10/2012 06:32

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